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Friday, 11 May 2012

The missing iPod sock!

Hi everyone!
I guess this is usually where people introduce themselves, but I'm going to let you all learn about me as we go along - I don't want you all getting bored at the first post and not coming back!
So straight to what is on my mind now:

I opened an Etsy shop quite a while ago, but have only been adding items for 2 weeks or so. Currently for sale are 3 mini handbags (2 knitted and 1 crocheted), 2 sets of crocheted coasters, a crocheted baby blanket, a crocheted afghan, and 3 sets of flowers that you can button (the sets include a button) on to almost anything at all.
I decided to try something different (for me!). I borrowed my son's iPod, and carefully ("don't get pen on it, mum"!) drew around the edges (I don't know if you're like me, but inches and centimeters seem to dislike me, and nothing ever comes out quite right from measurements alone!). That piece of paper sat on my desk for a few days while I worked on some other projects...
Finally, I began to crochet the sock/case/cover.
When it was all done, I got my son to test the fit. I haven't seen the sock since, so no chance of a photo appearing!

Lesson learned: When making a "test piece" use pink yarn - not blue - as a 13 year old boy will be far less likely to run off with your work!

So... here's a little picture of a finished project I will be adding to Etsy in a day or so:

It is a 2.5 inch (6.5cm) square cross stitched pin cushion...


  1. Thanks for your kind words, Dawn, your page is also very beautiful!

  2. Just popped over to say Hi and thank you. Good luck with your new blog and Etsy shop. I would love to see the ipod case if you can rescue it. Hope you are going to put pictures of your cats here.
    Love from Mum

  3. Great blog Dawn!!!!!! But please show us your ipod case :D