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Saturday, 12 May 2012

A little sneaky and a lot busy!

I snuck and sneaked and sneaked and snuck... A quick click and I was done!
Here's the no-longer-quite-so-missing iPod sock:

I actually managed to get the pincushion from my last post added to Etsy. I couldn't think of a photo that was totally different, so I just stuck pins it it - that's what it's meant for after all!

For my second Etsy addition this week, a lovely mid blue mini-bag. I like these bags a lot. Especially in summer when very few clothes seem to have pockets. These bags are like having a removable pocket! Here is is:

So, you've seen the sneaking and some busy... I haven't taken photos of the rest of my "busy", as it's just a pile of iPod socks in various colours waiting to be stitched up... and I don't really like taking photos of my "work-in-progress"!

And as Mum from "Mum's Simply Living Blog" requested -
Here is the adorable Miss E:

And Mr (thinks he is a dog) P:

We actually saw Mr P playing with a stick this morning... Strange, but very lovable cat!

Lesson learned today: Enjoy the sunshine and watching your cat act like a dog!

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  1. Love your little blue bag, it looks so useful. Bet your son won't pinch that!
    Sue x

    1. Thanks, Sue! No, K definitely won't be pinching this one - I think I need to make more bags and less iPod socks!!

  2. Now you've got to sneak the cover back! Lovely puss cats. We had a cat once that would play 'fetch' with a rolled up ball of paper.
    Love from Mum

    1. Oh, I got that iPod cover back as fast as I could... Although, since I have published the proof I'm sure to be found out at some point!