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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Let's go back a few months...

Nothing has really been happening here today... I caught up with the laundry, crocheted pieces for another iPod cover, ate a lovely stew made by J (my husband), read a magazine... And all this while wearing my pyjamas! You have to love a good Sunday!

So, I thought I'd take you back a few months, and show you some things that I'm really proud of.

First up is my first ever ripple afghan. I'd never crocheted anything so big before, and I hadn't intended to... But a local supermarket had started selling this really BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT yarn, and I couldn't resist.
With my colouring, there's no way this could have been (for me) all the things it had the potential to be: cardigan, sweater, shawl. There was nothing else I could do but go to the yarn shop and buy some contrasting yarn to  calm down enhance the colours. With some help from K (my son), I chose a nice rich brown.
Here it is, complete with matching cushion covers:

I had originally planned to crochet one stripe multi-coloured and one stripe brown, but I thought it might look better with the larger bands.
Here's a close up of the multi-coloured ripples:

Before I started my ripple adventure, I decided I probably should finish off another project... What better than the sweater I had started for J? I felt like this sweater had been preying on my mind for most of my life, but in actual fact, I only started it about 6 years ago!
I will never be forgiven for this, but here's a photo of J modelling his sweater:

Unfortunately, having been washed and tumble dried several times (always following the instructions given on the ball band), this sweater now reaches somewhere around J's knees, and you could probably fit two of him in there... If I was a lot slightly braver, I could buy a nice chunky belt and wear it as a dress...

There's not much else for this time. After a lovely weekend, it's back to work tomorrow. Thankfully, I only work very short hours, but it's still enough to make sure my day is disrupted. Oh, well!

I'll leave you with a picture of my haul from the local car boot sale that happened early last month:

Enjoy your week!



  1. Hmmmm. An interesting picture. You folks should know, the jumper is wonderfully warm and I new happily refer to it as my smock!

  2. Great haul - I'm madly jealous. I knitted a sweater for Dearly Beloved many years ago in either 3 ply or 4 ply. It took ages to make and was a work of art when looking at the stitches but far too big and baggy to be a suitable jumper. It was an awful colour aswell. I won't tell you about the suit that I made with my sewing machine - disaster. I'll stick to crocheting blankets now.
    Love from Mum