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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lost and found

I've been feeling a little bit lost lately. First there's the thought of the impending house move, then my views on Etsy dried up completely. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, so I went to the experts by posting in the Etsy forums - amazing advice! Now at least I have something (ok, a LOT of somethings!) to work on.

So, I'm feeling found now!

Do you remember my plans for a shawl on my last post? Well, I haven't managed to get very far with it... It's been too hot! Here's a picture of the progress so far:

I am so happy with the way the colours are working together :-).

So, I guess you all want to know what I've been up to since my last post? Well, not very much! I'm very slightly appallingly sun-burnt from spending hours out in the sun talking to my next door neighbour. It's such a shame to finally have really good neighbours and then have to move...

I've also been rescuing pheasant chicks from the lane along from the house. Mother pheasant had decided to move them from one side to the other, but unfortunately 2 of them decided that the grassy bit in the middle of the lane was quite nice! Here's one hiding:

Yes, that is my finger in the picture! I had to hold the grass down to be able to get a good shot!

After carefully picking them up in my overshirt (I read somewhere that you should never handle wild birds because their mothers will reject them), I let them loose on the other side of the lane... It was so sweet to hear the Peep Peeping, as they scuttled off to find their mother and siblings!

I haven't really taken many photos lately either, so I'll leave you with this one that I took a while back... Can you see the sheep??

Lessons learned: Stay out of the really hot sun, if you need help then ask for it, and enjoy the things that are here right now!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy :-)


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