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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Our first giveaway!

Every so often, you come across someone who's work makes you gasp. Where you can see the love and attention that has gone into every detail. And yes, leaves you feeling more than a little jealous at their skills!

I've recently been lucky enough to not only come across such a person, and not only to become friends with them... Yes! They have offered not one, but two, of their amazing items for a giveaway!

I'd like to introduce you all to Geri - say "Hi" everyone!
Geri is the owner of an amazing Etsy shop called Card Smiles. She really does have a card for everyone, but we'll explore those a little later on...

Pennsylvania, USA, is where Geri calls home. A decision to design and make her son's senior year scrapbook (as well as his graduation invites!) set Geri on the path towards a love of papercrafting.
Several years later, with her son grown up and moved away to New York, Geri turned her hobby into a business. I, for one, am very glad that she did!

Geri says: "I love making things that have the ability to bring a moment of joy to someone's day. This is the unique part of handmade items - the personal connection they create and the heartfelt message they convey from sender to receipient. To be part of that special moment is why I do what I do".

As well as her Etsy shop, Geri also has her own website where you can learn more about her, her cards, and send a message - www.cardsmiles.com.
I want to show you a few of geri's cards now. She has over 160 available in her Etsy shop, so obviously I won't get to show you all of them, but these are my favourites... Take a look at the Etsy shop once you've finished here - you won't regret it!

Personally, I don't think you need a reason to send a card. These beauties are perfect for just dropping someone a line to say "Hi!":

People really don't say "Thank you" often enough these days. With this card, you can say it in style, and let someone know they really are appreciated:

From a new baby:

To a wedding:

To birthdays:

And cards to send in sympathy:

Geri really has thought of everything - including something I haven't seen anywhere else. The purr-fect card for someone who has lost an important part of their family:

As well as having an amazing stock of handmade cards for you to choose from, Geri also accepts custom orders. So if you don't see what you are looking for, have a chat - I'm sure she'll be able to make you exactly what you need.

Ok! On to the giveaway!

THE PRIZE: A set of 4 of Geri's special handmade notecards - chosen for the winner by Geri herself! - and a card of the winner's choice from Geri's Etsy shop!

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post. Yes, it really is that easy! A winner will be chosen at random on September 19, 2012. Good luck!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New arrivals...

On the 7th of this month, we were lucky enough to extend our family by two new members. Please welcome Mr T (left) and Mr R (right):

They are about 5 months old. Their mother is a stray who has been living in a local composting site, and she is now pregnant again. The owners of the composting site have done a wondeful job caring for the mother and her kittens, and are getting prepared for the new litter - starting with finding homes for the first litter. Hopefully, now that they have gained the mother's trust, her new litter will be born inside, so that mother can be taken to the vet before she gets pregnant again.
The boys went to the vet today for their first injections and a general health check. Unfortunately, Mr T's temperature was a little bit high, so he couldn't have his injections... back we go tomorrow, in the hope that Mr T's temeperature is where it should be. As you can see, they are both flaked out by the experience of their first vet visit:

Mr R is still very shy. The vet said he tried to bite her when she examined his mouth... I tried to examine his mouth when we got home and he was fine! Maybe Mr R just doesn't like vets!

This week, I have sold a pair of the earrings I made... and made a custom Kindle cover:

I'm just finishing off an iPad cover, that one of my friends is going to test for me. I'll show you the finished project when Chrissy has received it.

Earlier in the month, we had the storm of the century here! Please remember that I live in England, so my "extreme" weather is probably very normal to those living in the USA for example!
The thunder and lightning we were treated to was like nothing I have heard or seen before... For a long time, I'm sure the storm was directly over our house... And the rain... WOW! The photo doesn't really do it justice, but we had a little river flowing outside of our house for most of the day... at least 4 or 5 inches deep at times:

Well, now to the really exciting part! I'm teaming up with a fellow Etsy seller for a give-away soon - I don't know what the prize will be yet, but this lady's work is beautiful (you're sure to want it!) and you really would be crazy not to enter, so make sure you keep tuning in!! I'll give you all the details for the Etsy shop too... Just in case you can't wait to find out if you have won!

Lesson learned: Friends hide in the most unexpected places!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Branching out

Ah, can you believe it is August already? We should be outside basking in warm sunshine, sipping cool drinks and eating ice cream... Instead we are inside huddled in blankets, gulping hot tea, and crafting! Well, maybe it's not quite that extreme... and I can't really complain about the crafting and hot tea parts!!

As you've probably guessed from the title of this post, Teesdale Treasures (ok, me!) has given some thought to new items to sell in my shop... and I came up with these:

8 pairs of earrings made with glass beads and antique bronze wires. The photo only shows 1 earring from each pair - otherwise they wouldn't have fitted on the wine glass!
I also made a pair just for me. These are a gorgeous brown colour that I would have regretted selling!

Also being added to my Etsy shop (over a few days - remember, I'm trying to add one item a day!) are these budget preserve jar covers. They are made to the same design as the more expensive ones, but use 100% acrylic yarn (to keep the cost down).

I took this picture from my living room window a week or so ago... The light was so inviting, and my camera was close by... Please ignore the dirty windows!

Lesson learned: It's always good to try something new!