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Saturday, 30 June 2012

What a week!

It feels like it's been a crazy week - really, it's been the last 24 hours that have been flat out - hectic - insane! - so I'll deal with that first and then tell you the news from the rest of the week!

Do you remember this?:

Well, it's now on it's way to Missouri in the USA! YES!! My first Etsy sale!! I got the order last night, but didn't see it until I got up this morning... So, I got everything organised as fast as I could, and off I went to the post office :-).

This rather stunning desk now belongs to me... Picked up for the bargain price of £65... It's a little battered, but I think I love it even more because of that!

I've always wanted a desk like this... and now it's mine, all mine... cackle, cackle :-). Although Miss E is a little wary of it for now! Can you see her sneaking into the bottom of the photo?

We threw in a quick trip into town to get some more plastic storage tubs... My yarn collection is expanding very rapidly, and I think I might have to get a larger sofa to hide the storage boxes behind!

I got these jar covers all finished off and added to my shop. I was planning on using two different styles of flower, but for some reason, I couldn't get the second design to curl up right (they looked like pressed flowers!). I'm still happy with the results though:

Anyway, on to the rest of the week.

K had exams recently. In all of his exams he came either first or second in his year! His lowest result was 84% - all other results were above 90%! Truly amazing! I am so very, very proud of what he is achieving!

On Thursday, I went into work wearing this lovely cardigan I found on a charity shop's £1 rail:

There was a brief conversation about how lucky I was to find this cardigan so cheaply... and then the cook stated she would dearly love one... but longer... and in an oatmeal colour. I proudly assured her there were bound to be numerous patterns around that would be very similar...

I spent most of the afternoon and evening searching and searching and searching. I think everyone has hidden them! So, I had to find a pattern that I could try to adapt... The best one I found was this, which I already own!

My faith in my abilities to adapt a pocketed cardigan into one with a cable panel on each side, and a floppy collar isn't great. As I'd already told J that morning that I wanted to knit a similar one for myself, I took the plunge and ordered the yarn for my cardigan... which will be the guinea pig for the cook! Once it's done, I'll take it in, let her try it on, and then she can have her oatmeal, cabled, floppy collared cardigan! Mine's being done in this colour - Velvet Plum:

What do you think? Like the colour? Reckon I can make it work?? We'll all have to wait and see!!

Lesson learned: Be patient, but don't stop trying... and I really need to clean my desk more often!!

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