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Saturday, 23 June 2012

All going to plan...

It seems like I finally found a balance between making things for my Etsy shop, and making things for myself!
I have a 4 day "working week" (Monday to Thursday), and 3 days for ME, ME, ME!!
It's working well so far... It means I can fill my shop with basics like these iPod-compact camera-phone covers:

While giving me time to work on larger items, and of course, to design new items.

The weekends are mostly devoted to crafting for me... although I do tend to add items to my shop at the weekends and try to write here too! This is what I've been up to today:

It's my shawl - and it's now too big to get a decent photo of! I'm hoping to have it completed by the end of next weekend, and then I'll get J to take a photo of me holding it.

I need to decide what to complete for me next - the knitted sweater, the crocheted sweater, or one of the throws... Hmm, decisions, decisions!

It's been so windy here. I'm spending a lot of time looking out of the window, watching the clouds scudding across the sky, and I thought it was time I shared with you what I can see.
This is the view from my bedroom window:

Nice, huh??

If you lean out of the window a bit, and turn to the left, you get this:

And if you look to the right, but don't lean out quite so far, you get this:

It's really worth clicking on this picture to make it bigger - you can really see the wind blowing!

I decided that these pictures didn't do justice to the colours in our village... so I took my life in my hands and leaned as far out of the window as I dared without asking J or K to hold my ankles... and took these "aerial" shots of the flower patch in front of our house:

As you can see, it's mostly orange and yellow with a bit of white and red thrown in.
In the photo below, you can just about see my California Poppy patch, on the far side of the steps - they are my pride and joy! I almost lost them due to neighbours complaining they were too bright... Thankfully, they moved and our new neighbours love them!
I'll be sad to leave them when we move (the flowers and the neighbours!), but I intend to plant again and keep in touch with neighbours who have become friends.

Lesson learned: Set targets and try to stick to them!

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