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Monday, 4 June 2012

A little wander...

Every so often, the whole family needs to get out, have some fresh air and look at some different views. Yesterday, we all took our cameras on a little wander and ended up here:

I've no idea where "here" is, although J could probably tell you!
It was so cool and green and damp and peaceful...

I managed to sneak a picture of K standing on the bridge:

Then I joined him to capture the view he was looking at:

I spotted a man hiding in the woods with a camera... Ok, it's J getting closer to the stream for some nice watery shots!

I haven't been doing as much crafting as I would like, so there aren't any photos of finished projects... or even unfinished projects since I don't like showing things I haven't completed...
I've been thinking about crochet a lot though, and searching for inspiration:

How lovely those pink flowers (weeds??) look nestled amongst the cow parsley. How can I recreate that in crochet? Or will I have to resort to cross stitch?

And these little blue flowers are just stunning! They look like forget-me-nots but grow on higher stems than I have ever seen... They got me thinking about crochet on a tiny scale... Maybe that's something to try when I'm feeling braver!

I love dry-stone walls. The older the better. The more falling down and covered with moss they are, the more I love them! If only someone (me!) could make an afghan that looks like this:

This week, I'm planning to try and perfect my photo-taking skills and finish off a couple of items for my shop... If I do well with the photography I may even include an unfinished project or two in my next post!

Lesson learned: It's ok to be me.

Until the next time we meet in Blogland!



  1. Hello! I love the photos of the beautiful woods and stream. What a lovely place you discovered!

  2. I like it so much. It looks so peacefull and quiet there.