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Sunday, 9 December 2012

What I'd really like for Christmas...

... Is a few more hours in the day. A working week that runs from Saturday to Sunday, with a weekend that lasts from Monday to Friday. Think Santa will fit that under my tree??

I've been very bad lately at letting you know what's been going on here. I'm planning on making a change with that and blogging a little more frequently!

The most "exciting" thing happened a few weeks ago. It rained and rained and rained. I found my way to work blocked - not just by water, but by the fire brigade trying to rescue people's homes:

You can just see J there on the left of the picture. He's going down the road to talk to the "Incident Commander" about a row of 6 houses that are about to be flooded. There was a poor old guy, at least 70 years old, walking backwards and forwards with a wheelbarrow, desperate for someone to bring him some sandbags. We did what we could, then went home to dry off and contact K's school to find out what the travel arrangements would be for getting the kids home.

My major achievement has been finally finishing the knitted blanket I started about 5 or 6 years ago. There are 90 individually knitted blocks. I finished those about 3 years ago, and they've been sitting waiting for some attention ever since!
This is was 60+ hours of sewing up will get you:

Not bad, huh?

I've been working on some things for my shop too.

I added a selection of crocheted brooches last week:

And decided to try my hand at making mug cosies (which caused great guffaws of laughter from my father!):

And today I added some baby booties:

I'm pleased with them, but not as pleased as I was with the booties I finished today. These are for a friend of mine at work. I'll be handing them over tomorrow - I hope she's pleased with them!

I also made a Christmassy penguin and snowman for a friend's daughter:

Then I started thinking "Well, they'll be packed away for most of the year", so I added an extra hat and scarf each!

I think they look cute!

Right then, time to dash and get some more things done - my "To Do" list is slowly getting smaller, so I want to keep going while I have the energy!!

I hope everything is going well for those of you who keep an eye on my blog? Do let me know how you are - I'd love it!

Until later, hugs to you!


  1. I have the same request for Christmas too!!! I'd love a two day work week and a five day weekend. Love love love your knitted blanket and the brooches.

    1. Thanks Louise! It took a lot of hard work on my part, and determination too! I really hate sewing (probably because I'm so bad at it!), so I had to force myself to make time.
      Ah, if only we could get what we really want for Christmas!