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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Let's talk about Sandy...

No, no - not Hurricane Sandy... Sandy from "thatSandygirl".

Wow, oh, wow! Have you looked at her shop yet? Have you??

And calm...!

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase several items from Sandy back in September. As well as absolutely first class customer service, the items are stunning. Want to see them? Ok!

A truly wonderful bookmark... I must admit, this hasn't seen a book yet... It's sitting on my desk in my pen pot and tends to come out to be played with when I'm in deep thought! There's something so relaxing about it!

The second item is another bookmark. Yes, I have used this one... in fact, it's in my book right now!

Stunning or what?

The third and final item isn't a bookmark. I was a little worried about buying a ring that had to be made to a specific size... Sandy did everything in her power to make sure I got the right size, and you know what? It's PERFECT!

These items are so much more gorgeous than the photos show. The photos are directly from Sandy's shop on Etsy, but I'm not critising her - mine don't show just how amazing they are either! You have to buy them yourself to get the full effect!

There are many more items from the incredibly talented Sandy that I have my eye on. Want to see some? I knew you would!

Here's another bookmark - ideal for a music lover:

How about a pair of earrings? Or two pairs? Or maybe even 3??

And now that I know my ring size (thanks so much, Sandy!), I wouldn't mind finding one of these beauties in my stocking on Christmas morning:

The final item I want to show you is something that brings back a lot of memories for me.

My nan always wore a copper bracelet. She was convinced that it helped with her arthritis. My nan was a very smart lady and she would have adored this bracelet the way I do. I'm sure this will be next on my list as soon as finances are sorted out from the move.

Please do go and check out Sandy's shop - you won't be disappointed!

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